VelaShape III

Cellulite is a problem that affects 80% of women over the age of twenty, which we can define as an orange peel-like appearance caused by fat cells concentrated in the hip and leg areas.

Velashape III uses 4 different technologies at the same time in the application area and helps to eliminate the problems with the synergy created by using these technologies together. The effect created by using these technologies together is called ELOS (Electro Optical Synergy) technology by Syneron, the manufacturer of Velashape.

Let’s talk about the technologies used by Velashape III one by one;

Bipolar Radio Frequency Energy: Radio frequency energy is a technology that has been used in medicine for a long time. It helps to solve problems by creating heat in the areas applied in the field of medical aesthetics. Bipolar (bipolar) radio frequency energy helps the tissues under the skin to reach high temperatures without heating the skin surface too much. The depth of the heat generated can go down to 15 millimetres under the skin. Thanks to this heat, the capillaries between the tissues can expand, the inter-tissue exchange can increase, the contents of the fat cells in the region are removed from the region through the blood circulation system and the fat cells shrink. While radio frequency energy can perform these, it also helps the skin surface and subcutaneous tissues to tighten and recover.

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Infrared Energy: Infrared energy is one of the technologies that help to warm the skin surface. It is also used to reduce muscle pain. With this heat generated on the skin surface, the skin’s self-renewal mechanism can be activated, it can trigger the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis and help the skin to tighten and recover.

Mechanical Massage and Vacuum Technology: The purpose of using Vacuum Technology in medical aesthetics is to reduce the bond between the tightened tissues that form the appearance of cellulite by mobilising the subcutaneous tissues. This benefit that vacuum technology can provide is not sufficient alone to eliminate the appearance of cellulite, but it can be beneficial. Mechanical Massage aims to increase the effectiveness of vacuum technology. When these two technologies work together, it triggers the mobilisation of adipose tissue, accelerates the regional substance exchange of subcutaneous tissues and aims to create a lymphatic drainage effect, thus creating the necessary environment for the reduction of regional adipose tissue.

It is also an application that helps in tightening and recovery, cellulite treatment, regional thinning by applying on the abdomen and side abdomen, arms, hips and legs.