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3D Kıl Tekniği

3D Hair Technique

3D hair technique is a technique that aims to make the eyebrows, which are an important element of facial features, look more beautiful. Because, eyebrows are the complement of our gaze. It is very important that our eyebrows, which are an integral part of our expressions, are compatible with our face and have an aesthetic appearance. Otherwise, they can make us look tired, sad or old.

Eyebrow design is one of the most common applications among permanent make-up applications. Although there are many different eyebrow designs, 3D hair technique is one of the commonly used eyebrow design methods.

What is 3D Hair Technique?

Unlike tattooing, the method called 3D Microblading hair technique is a process that is applied by drawing as if there is hair in your eyebrow area with a special Microblading pen instead of completely painting the inside of the eyebrow and aims to obtain a natural eyebrow appearance.

Since topical creams are used before the procedure in 3D hair technique application, which we can get very good results especially in sparse and shedding eyebrows, we can say that this procedure is almost painless and painless.

Microblading 3D Hair TechniqueHow is it done?

Microblading 3D hair technique is an application consisting of several stages. The first stage is drawing the eyebrows with a special pencil. Since everyone’s facial anatomy is different, the eyebrow design for everyone is different. For this reason, a drawing is made in accordance with the facial features of the person, not with a standard measurement and model, and then presented to the patient for approval. After the design is approved by the patient, the Microblading 3D hair technique process is started. Hygiene is very important in this process. Process materials must be disposable.

How Long Does Microblading Technique Last?

Although the permanence of microblading 3D hair technique application varies from person to person, it is between 1.5 – 2 years on average. While this period can be completed in dry skin, this period may be slightly shorter in oily skin. Microblading 3D hair technique can provide a dark appearance on the eyebrows from the first week as of the day it is applied. However, since almost half of the pigment applied at the end of the first week will disappear, a much more natural eyebrow appearance can be obtained in the future. However, after the first procedure, a healing process begins in the eyebrows. Although this period varies from person to person, it is completed between average 25 – 30 days . When the healing process is completed, one more session is performed for the final touches on the eyebrows.

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