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Stem Cell

Skin rejuvenation treatment with stem cells is a treatment method that has been developed in recent years and has received very good results today. With this treatment, the elasticity of the skin lost over time can be restored.

Stem cell therapy is an effective method that can help the skin restore its youthful appearance by slowing down the effects of aging. The treatment that improves the signs of aging on the skin also helps to remove acne or blemishes on the skin.

What is Stem Cell?

Some cells in the human body can partially renew themselves. These cells, which can transform into different cell types in this renewal cabin, are called stem cells.

The stem cell, which can provide the formation of hundreds of thousands of cells from a single cell, can also multiply many times to renew itself. Although stem cells cannot provide oxygen transport, hormonal and neural transmission, they can actively take part in the formation of cells that fulfil these functions, and the importance of this treatment method is increasing day by day.

Skin Rejuvenation with Stem Cell

Cells, which multiply by dividing themselves in the areas needed by the body and then differentiate and contribute to the area of application, are being used more and more every day in treatments. Stem cell therapy can also be used in the treatment of many diseases that may result in death, some types of cancer and congenital blood diseases.

Unlike these cells, which are defined as embryonic stem cells, somatic stem cells are present in the human body. In addition to somatic stem cells, known as tissue-specific or adult stem cells, there are also induced pluripotent stem cells, defined as iPS cells.

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How is Skin Rejuvenation with Stem Cell?

In stem cell therapy, stem cells can be taken from the person himself/herself or, if necessary, stem cell therapy can be applied to the person by taking stem cells from a semi-compatible donor. Stem cell therapies are now widely used in skin renewal and improving skin quality, but in addition to these cosmetic procedures, they can also be very beneficial in the following cases.

  • Healing of damaged tissues and organs
  • To heal diseased or damaged bone marrow
  • Elimination of suppression in the immune system

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