C Vitamini Bakımı

Vitamin C Care

Vitamin C care helps the skin that fades and loses its vitality to regain a bright appearance, can reduce the appearance of spots such as acne, and is a skin beauty application that can be effective in removing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C care is an application that can be applied to dry or oily skin, helps to accelerate collagen and elastin production in the body and thus can affect your skin to have a younger and healthier appearance.

What is Vitamin C Care?

As our skin ages, collagen production in the skin may decrease, moisture balance may deteriorate and subsequently the skin may need much more vitamins and minerals. At this point, giving the skin the care it needs is vital for the skin to age well.

Today, when it comes to skin care, many classic treatments come to mind. However, vitamin C care today can provide many positive   effects on our skin. When it comes to vitamin C, many of us think of protection from diseases such as colds and flu in the first place, but in addition to this protection, vitamin C is a care that can be effective for our skin.

Ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin C, is an antioxidant that can reduce the damage to the skin caused by harmful UV rays of the sun, air or other pollutants in the environment. A decrease in vitamin C in the skin, which can affect both the outer layer of the skin, which we call the epidermis, and the lower layers, can make the skin open to possible deformations.

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How to Care for Vitamin C?

You can easily continue your daily routines after the procedure without interrupting your social life. With vitamin C care, you can provide your skin with the vitamin support it needs and contribute to the maximum level to prevent your skin from being affected by the deformations caused by aging. With vitamin C care, which can be a highly effective application, you can not only give your skin the care it needs, but also help strengthen your immune system with this additional vitamin C you take into your body.

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Remember! Maybe it is not yet possible to stop time, but you can control the deformations caused by aging and age well with the applications you will make according to your needs.