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Laser Freckle Treatment

Laser freckle treatment is an effective method used to remove the spots called freckles located in the epidermis, the upper layer of the skin. Insufficient protection of the skin and the presence of genetic predisposition can cause freckles to form on our sun-exposed and sensitive skin areas.  It is possible to say that these spots are actually caused by our skin trying to protect us from the harmful effects of the sun. Freckles have a structure that can become more prominent in the summer months in direct proportion to the sun exposure and can be observed more lightly in the winter months. The areas where they are prominent on our body are generally the areas such as hands, face, chest and back where the sun rays come into contact intensively. Freckles are not expected to turn into a carcinogenic structure in the progressive process, but there may be situations where it may be necessary to make sure that the spots thought to be freckles are not freckles.

What is Laser Freckle Treatment?

Our skin comes into contact with sun rays more in summer. The skin protects itself against sun rays. It absorbs harmful rays by producing more melanin pigment. The excess melanin produced clusters and forms scars called “freckles”. Freckles may appear on the face, shoulders, chest and back, which are more in contact with sunlight in summer. Freckle treatment can be applied by destroying excess melanin pigment using laser technology. With controlled laser beams, the melanin pigment in the skin is destroyed by exposing it to high heat.

“Do Freckles on the Face Go Away with Laser?”

Laser treatment is an application based on the destruction of melanin pigment in the skin. Laser application is a proven application preferred for many problems on the skin. Since the main source of the freckle problem is melanin, laser treatment for freckle is one of the most applied and successful methods.

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How to Treat Freckle with Laser?

There are lasers with different technologies used in laser freckle treatment, which can shoot at different nanometres. These lasers

  • 532 nanometre KTP Laser,
  • 694 nanometre Ruby laser,
  • IPL systems that apply between 430 nanometres and 1100 nanometres,
  • 755 nanometre Alexandrite Laser,
  • 755 nanometre Erbium Laser, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Laser and Fractional Lasers.

We should especially state that your Specialist Doctor should determine which laser system is the most suitable for you after the examination. After the doctor decides on the appropriate laser type, a laser treatment programme is created. The number of sessions and intervals are determined.

It is aimed to treat freckles by providing controlled laser shots to the determined area. If necessary, anaesthetic creams can be used. After the application, the patient can continue his/her daily life but should pay attention to some factors.

After the treatment, there is a possibility that freckles may reappear in the application areas. Regular protection of our skin against the effects of sun rays after treatment can eliminate or reduce the possibility of reappearance.

Before and After Laser Freckle Treatment

Big differences can be seen in the skin before and after laser freckle treatment. Excessive freckle formation can make the skin look dirty and cause the person to lose self-confidence. Some skins may overreact to sun rays and form too many freckles. After a regular laser freckle removal procedure, a 90% reduction in freckles can be achieved. The effect can start to show itself from the first session. In order to fully show its effect and achieve a great success, it should be continued regularly until the last session. Those who have laser freckle treatment can get rid of freckles to a great extent.

How Many Days Does Laser Freckle Removal Heal?

Those who have laser freckle treatment say that they feel slight redness and swelling after the sessions. The redness can be completely healed within 7-10 days. It is recommended to protect and care for the skin to help and accelerate healing.

Lazerle Çil Tedavisi

Laser Freckle Treatment Prices

The prices to be applied for laser freckle removal may vary from person to person. Depending on factors such as the size and spread of freckles and skin structure, the number of laser sessions is determined. Laser freckle removal prices are determined according to the number of sessions.

Laser Freckle Treatment Ankara

As DR.Derm Polyclinic, we can perform effective freckle treatment with our expert staff. Our laser devices are professional devices with the latest technology and can get rid of freckles to a great extent. After examining your skin, our experienced doctors organise the most suitable laser treatment programme for your needs. We apply your freckle removal treatment with our sterile environment and reliable team. You can contact us for more information.