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Golden Needle RF Application

Golden Needle RF application, is a technological application used against skin problems. Our skin is exposed to many negative factors during the day. Sun rays, exhaust fumes, dust, polluted air and aging can have negative effects on our skin. Therefore, our skin is an organ that requires care. When skin care and hygiene are not cared for, problems such as blemishes, acne, wrinkles and pale appearance may occur.

Golden Needle RF application is a skin care treatment applied to treat the damages caused to our skin by daily life. It is a system based on the transfer of radiofrequency energy under the skin through needles. It aims to tighten and revitalise the skin without the need for surgery and helps it to gain a smooth appearance. It can be used to eliminate many different problems.

Gold needle treatment is a treatment method that uses the body’s natural regeneration mechanism. It helps your skin to regenerate without leaving your daily life behind. Golden needle provides a solution to your problem such as acne, treatment of scars, wrinkles, stretch marks. You can have a younger and more vibrant skin with Golden Needle RF treatment.

What is a Golden Needle?

Golden Needle Application is a treatment that can trigger the skin’s natural regeneration mechanism by using radiofrequency waves. It is also known as Fractional Radio Frequency application. Golden Needle radiofrequency device is based on the principle of creating micro channels in the lower layer of the skin with gold-tipped needles at the tip. At the same time, it aims to send energy waves to the lower layer of the skin through these channels. The heat wave that the energy waves can create helps rejuvenate the skin by triggering the collagen and elastin production of the skin. The procedure is supported by serums and creams.

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What Does Gold Needle Treatment Do?

Golden Needle Treatment can find solutions to many skin problems. Some of the skin problems that you can find solutions with gold needle are as follows;

  • Sun spots
  • Skin care and rejuvenation,
  • Scars
  • Cracks
  • Sagging
  • Burn scars
  • Dark circles under the eyes,
  • Sweating problem
  • And gold needle can be used for acne treatment.

How to Make Golden Needle?

Golden Needle application is a short and practical method that does not require surgery. It consists of regular sessions and the sessions last 30-45 minutes. Before the Golden Golden Needle RF application is performed, the person is examined by the doctor. The number of sessions and nourishing serums needed by the person are determined. A treatment programme is created accordingly and the procedure is started. The area where the procedure will be performed is cleaned and local anaesthetic creams are applied. High-frequency radio waves are sent under the skin with a golden needle device. After the procedure, the patient can return to his/her daily life.

What are the Benefits of Golden Needle?

Golden Needle RF application uses the skin’s natural regeneration mechanism. Thus, golden needle benefit can be seen against many problems. It helps to make the skin look brighter and more vibrant, to trigger elastin production, to make the skin look more taut and smooth, and to gain a younger appearance by tightening wrinkles.

What are the Advantages of Golden Needle Application?

Gold needle can be more advantageous than other applications as it is a non-surgical treatment method with few side effects. In addition, it offers a more practical application with its fast effect and not taking much time. Golden needle advantages are as follows;

  • As it is a treatment that does not require surgery, it may not leave long-term side effects and thus the patient may not fall behind in his daily life
  • The procedure may not be noticeable from the outside.
  • It is an application that can be less painful and painless compared to other treatments.
  • Its fast effect can be seen from the first session.

Before and After Golden Needle Treatment

Those who have golden needle treatment can start to see the benefits from the first session. Reviews of those who have gold needle treatment are that the procedure can be extremely effective and easy. Smooth skin and tightening can be observed after gold needle treatment. The gold needle effect can become more pronounced after each session. It will be able to show its maximum effect after the last session. Those who have a gold needle can get a younger and more vibrant skin appearance after before and after.

How Many Sessions Should Golden Needle Be Done?

The number of sessions of gold needle treatment is determined by your doctor. There are some factors that affect the number of sessions and the time between sessions. The problem for which the application will be applied, the application area and the size of the problem affect the number of sessions. Usually 3 or 4 sessions may be sufficient.

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Things to Consider After Golden Needle Treatment

A suitable care for your skin after Golden Needle treatment will be recommended by your doctor. The rules to be followed after the gold needle session are as follows;

  • It should not be exposed to sunlight after the session.
  • Water should not touch the application area for a day.
  • If the gold needle is applied to the face, make-up should not be applied.
  • After gold needle application, micro channels in the skin may crust. These crusts should not be played with and should not be peeled.
  • Moisturising creams and serums recommended by your doctor should be used regularly.

How Long Does The Gold Needle Effect Last?

The gold needle effect can be permanent. Gold needle treatment can offer a permanent solution as it renews collagen and elastin in the skin. It can eliminate problems such as scars, acne, burn scars, sun spots. The effect can start to be seen from the first session, but the most efficient state can be seen some time after the last session.