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Lymph Drainage Pressotherapy

Lymph Drainage Pressotherapy is a treatment that aims to accelerate or improve the blood circulation system by means of pressure applied to the pressure points in our body from the outside in a systematic way and in different amounts to different areas, thus activating and accelerating the circulatory system that works slowly or has difficulty in working in the body.

In pressotherapy, pressure can be applied from the feet to the lower part of the chest and arms, but not to the chest, neck and head. Lymph drainage massage can be applied to specific areas with circulatory disorders, as well as to the whole body except for the areas mentioned. This treatment cannot be applied to people with excessive circulatory disorders.

When it is determined that it regulates the circulatory system while applying to patients with circulatory disorders, helps the body to remove the edema it collects and is a treatment that helps to lose weight, it has started to be used for regional slimming and thinning in medical aesthetics.

As a result of Lymph Drainage Pressotherapy Applications, it has been determined that it reduces the appearance of cellulite, helps to increase the elasticity of the skin, supports regional thinning, helps to recover relaxed muscle tissue and sagging skin tissue and reduces lymphatic system problems.

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Lymph Drainage Pressotherapy is performed in approximately 30-minute sessions, depending on the area of application, and can be applied every other day (one day intermittently). Visible results can be seen in approximately 6-8 sessions and effective results can be achieved in 15 sessions. Consuming at least two litres of water a day during the application can increase the effectiveness of the results obtained.