HydraFacial Cilt Bakımı

Hydrafacial is a type of anti-ageing care method. It is also used for skin renewal, acne and spot treatment. The device, which can deeply clean the skin by working with the vacuuming method, is completely painless and painless because it does not contain injections and similar procedures.

Hydrafacial is actually the brand name of the machine used during skin care, but it has become so widespread that it is also used as the name of the treatment. The advantage of the machine developed by the company is as follows: it applies both peeling and skin serums at the same time. Dermatologists define this process as hydradermabrasion.

Hydrafacial What is it?

The treatment does not polish the skin with small particles as in the traditional dermabrasion procedure. Instead, it performs a process that is much more suitable for the delicate structure of the skin. It aims to eliminate the pores that prevent the skin from looking young and radiant, while at the same time moisturising, brightening and plumping massage. Thanks to its spiral-shaped treatment tips equipped with vortex technology, it can provide both vacuuming and traction force.

This application can promise long-term skin health. It can be suitable for all skin types. Since the purpose of the procedure is to remove dead skin cells and dirt, it is not only a cosmetic procedure, it can also be beneficial for health.

If there is no disease, discomfort or burning caused by sun or solarium on the skin, it is a completely harmless application. At this point, your dermatologist will give you the necessary information and determine whether there is any contraindication to the application of the procedure. It can be applied to many people regardless of gender.

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Hydrafacial Skin Care

It is one of the applications known as anti-aging. It is one of the applications that find usage area for purposes such as renewing the skin, deep cleaning, removing acne and blemishes. The device works with vacuuming method.

With this method, which aims to renew the skin, it is possible to have a more vivid, bright and healthy skin structure. Thanks to this application:

  • Deep skin cleansing
  • Skin peeling
  • Renewal
  • Antioxidant application
  • Moisturising

Procedures are carried out. The vacuum vortex head, which manages to reach the lower layers of the skin, peels the skin at a microscopic level and in a way that does not harm it. Thus, the skin is purified from dead cells, accumulated oil layer and blackheads that can close the pores.

Small wrinkles, existing discolouration and blemishes on the skin surface can be treated with serums prepared in accordance with different skin types (dry, oily, etc.). These serums contain peptide mixtures consisting of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and protein.

The skin will have a younger, more vibrant appearance after the application. This skin care application, where many care procedures can be collected in a single session, is fast and practical. So how to read hydrafacial? In fact, although it has a pronunciation like haydrafeyşıl, it is read as “hydrafacial” among the people. Both pronunciations will be easily understood by the person who will perform the procedure.


Hydrafacial Anti-Aging Skin Renewal

One of the main purposes of the application is to prevent the problems caused by the aging process before it starts or to eliminate it if it has already started. In other words, it can be easily seen that there is no condition such as aging for the procedure to be performed. Every adult approved by the dermatologist and in some special cases, adolescents can also benefit from this application.

In the presence of harmful conditions for the skin, such as incorrect and intensive make-up applications, poor quality make-up, prolonged exposure to the sun together with environmental factors, the pores may close and the skin may not receive enough moisture and air. It is important to use sunscreen or spray to protect the skin from harmful sun rays.

Even if there are no harmful environmental factors, dead cells accumulate in the lower layers of the skin as we age or when we do not pay attention to skin cleansing. Therefore, the skin looks older, more tired and wrinkled. No special care is required after the procedure. The duration can vary between 30-60 minutes.

The deep cleansing of the skin helps to eliminate existing problems, while the vacuum head removes dead skin cells. Meanwhile, serums that nourish the skin are pumped under the skin. If necessary, peeling is also performed. The procedure is applied safely without damaging the skin and without leaving any traces.

Hydrafacial Price

The price of the procedure varies according to the application planned individually. For example, some people may need additional peeling or special solutions, while some people may not need these procedures.

In addition, since this anti-aging application is performed to combat many different problems, the procedures to be performed are planned together with an expert dermatologist. Because some skin problems may not be valid for everyone (such as skin spots). Sometimes additional application sessions may be needed. It is necessary to make a price calculation by taking into account criteria such as the number of sessions.

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