Dermapen is one of the methods that help to eliminate the problems present in our skin. Dermapen is applied in order to create vertical micro channels in our skin in order to both transmit the desired mixtures under the skin more easily and to activate the healing that will occur during the closure of these channels by the skin.

In the application, it is aimed to cause low or moderate damage to the skin surface in a way to solve the problem, and as a result of this damage, it is aimed to renew the skin itself and eliminate the problems.

The penetration of cocktails consisting of active substances such as vitamins, amino acids, enzymes that will help the healing of the application area through micro channels with low and medium level damages aimed to be created is facilitated under the skin.

Dermapen applications can be listed as follows;

Active acne and acne and the scars left by them, tightening the pores on our skin, problems caused by the sun, excessive hair loss, bruises and bagging around the eyes, light wrinkles and sagging in the neck and décolleté, problems expressed as striae or cracks, wrinkles on the skin, warts and wounds on the skin.

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In Dermapen application, it is aimed to trigger collagen production and hyaluronic acid production of the skin with the damage created in the application area. Since the healing process can be quite fast after the application, it stands out as one of the preferred applications.

Dermapen applications vary depending on the problem to be treated and the area to be treated, but they are performed between 2 and 6 sessions in total with an average of 1-2 week intervals. According to the results obtained, it is recommended that they be repeated approximately every 3 to 4 months in order to increase the permanence of the results.

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