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Laser Carbon Peeling

Laser carbon peeling is one of the applications that have attracted the attention of users in recent years. In this application, which is an alternative application to chemical peeling procedures that help rejuvenation, tightening and recovery of the skin, it can be said that most of the disadvantages of chemical peeling procedures are minimised. After this application, which can be applied in 4 seasons, a slight redness may occur on the treated skin and this redness may disappear after a short time. Carbon peeling application, which allows you to continue your daily life by using sunscreen cream, may not cause any crusting and burn appearance on your skin.

The purpose of Laser Carbon Peeling application is to prevent the transmitted laser energy from concentrating on the skin surface and going under the skin, and to ensure that the energy is removed from the skin by destroying the dead skin on the surface. This process creates a result similar to the result achieved by the chemical peeling process.

How is Laser Carbon Peeling Performed?

Laser Carbon Peeling (peeling) is a skin renewal procedure performed by means of Q-switched Nd:yag laser systems. It is performed by firing shots with a Q-switched Nd:yag laser system on a fluid liquid containing dense carbon atoms, which is specially produced for the application and applied to the skin surface. In these shots, all of the carbon applied to the skin surface is aimed to explode and cause a low level of damage to the surface. The applied energy and the low level of damage caused can also trigger the collagen production of the skin by providing an activation on the skin surface and help the elastin fibres that provide skin elasticity to recover and shorten themselves and thus help the skin to tighten and recover.

Carbon Peeling Treatment

Even after the first application of Carbon Peeling, you can notice the renewal in your skin and observe that the pores on your skin are tightened. This application also helps to reduce your active acne, tighten and tighten your skin, tighten your pores, improve the appearance of newly formed low-level acne scars and clean your blackheads.

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Laser Carbon Peeling procedure is planned for at least 5 sessions and up to 8 – 10 sessions depending on the diagnosis of our specialist doctor and the result you want to achieve on your skin. Session intervals can vary between 1 week and 10 days depending on the self-renewal rate of your skin.

There is usually no pain during the application. It is normal to have a redness that will last for about 30 minutes to 1 hour afterwards. It is sufficient to protect your skin by using sunscreen for a few days after the application.

What are the Benefits of Laser Carbon Peeling?

  • Healing of spots caused by sun rays
  • Prevention of acne and acne formation
  • Increases collagen production by triggering the body’s natural regeneration mechanism
  • To have a brighter and smoother skin
  • Controlling the oil balance of the skin
  • It helps to reduce the effects of aging such as wrinkles and sagging.

After Laser Carbon Peeling

There are some factors to be followed after laser carbon peeling;

  • After the procedure, it is recommended to keep the laser treated area away from hot water for one day.
  • Care should be taken not to expose the area to direct sunlight.
  • Extremely hot environments such as baths and saunas should be avoided.
  • If crusting occurs, the crusts should not be tampered with or picked off.
Lazerle Karbon Peeling

Laser Carbon Peeling Prices

Laser carbon peeling prices vary according to the area, problem and skin type where the procedure will be applied. Before the carbon peeling procedure, you are examined by your doctor and the most suitable laser procedure is determined. The number of sessions and laser type to be applied according to this process are determined. Laser peeling price is determined according to these factors.