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Eyeliner ve Dipliner

Eyeliner and Dipliner

Eyeliner and dipliner eye make-up can be one of the indispensable make-up applications for many women today. Eye make-up, which can strengthen the expression and gaze of the person with a small touch, unfortunately, it can be one of the most laborious and time-consuming applications among make-up applications.

Eyeliner and dipliner can be preferred especially by women who are active in business life, who start the day early and have a high tempo during the day. Because; It is very difficult to apply eye make-up in the morning and to maintain that make-up with the same vitality during the day.

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What are Eyeliner and Dipliner?

Permanent eyeliner and dipliner applications are a very reliable, practical and, above all, comfortable option for all women who want to have more prominent looks. In addition to allowing the person to save time, you can also have eye-catching looks with permanent eyeliner and dipliler applications that help the person always look well-groomed.

Permanent eyeliner and dipliler applications are both applications that aim to make the gaze more prominent but are different from each other. Permanent eyeliner application is an application that is applied on the eyelid and aims to have a much more distinct and sharp gaze, while permanent dipliler application is an application that is applied to the eyelash roots and is much softer than eyeliner, but can still make the person’s gaze more distinct.

How to Apply Eyeliner and Dipliner?

Permanent eyeliner and permanent dipliler applications made with products that may not cause any harm to the skin are applications that may not harm the eye or eye contour. In permanent eyeliner application, a drawing is made before the procedure. At this point, the length and thickness of your permanent eyeliner is determined and approval is obtained from the patient in line with this preliminary drawing.

After approval, permanent eyeliner and dipliler procedures are completed in an average of 45 to 60 minutes. The procedure, which is completed in a short time, is a cosmetic procedure that can be effective in an average usage period of 18 to 24 months.


Before permanent eyeliner application, anaesthetic creams are applied to the area. By numbing the area, the procedure can be completed almost painlessly and painlessly. After permanent eyeliner application, the person can continue his daily life from where he left off.