The privacy policy informs you of our practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information we obtain about you in connection with your use of our website, products and services. Your personal data is not sold to any third party. However, it may be transferred to a third party in cases where we can better fulfill your service request or the issues you consult.

By visiting our website, using our products or services, you accept the terms of this privacy statement and expressly consent to the processing of your personal information in accordance with this privacy statement.

Collection of Personal Information

The personal information we collect from you helps us learn about our customers and potential customers. We use this information to improve the products and services we offer and to communicate with you from time to time or for information about a third party’s products and services.

Personal Information You Provide to Us

We collect personal information that you voluntarily send to us via our contact forms or email message. The personal information we collect is limited to the following: full name, postal address, web address, telephone number, e-mail address and information filled in any e-mail or contact forms you send to us.

Cookies and Personal Information Collected Digitally

As you browse our website, certain passive information may be collected, including your Internet Protocol address, browser type, and operating system. We also use navigation data such as the date and time of your visit and the solutions-information you searched for and viewed, URL, cookies.

Cookies are known globally as Cookies, which is an English term, and are small data files placed on your computer by the internet web server via your browser. When a connection is established between your browser and the server (website, etc.), the site recognizes you through cookies. Cookies increase the functionality of a site and help us analyze the use of the site more accurately. Cookies do not collect personal information without your express consent.

Personal Information We Receive From Other Sources

We may receive personal information about you from other sources such as telephone, fax, SMS, social media message, online communication platforms. We may add this information to the information we collect about you to improve the solutions and services we offer.

Collection of Organization Information

We may also request or collect information about your company, organization, firm or project. Any publicly available information about your company (such as information found on your website, through search engines or business information database services) will not be considered personal information and will not be limited in any way.

Website and Marketing Campaign Information

Do not share information about your personal, company or organization in any marketing campaign, website, etc. If you use it in sharing, this information is not considered within the scope of the confidentiality of personal information. For example, this includes sharing keywords about your business, your business name, general and specific descriptions of your business, information about your location, and your products and services to third-party services and the general public to drive traffic to your website and make your website easier to find. We reserve the right to publish your website and campaigns, unless otherwise stated in the employment contract between you and us.

Situations where Personal Information is Shared

Your Personal Information is not sold to third parties, but we may transfer your information to a third party where we think it may better fulfill your request for consultation or service.

We may engage third parties to provide solutions to your needs on your behalf. In such cases, we may share your personal information that we believe will be helpful.

If our company or our assets are acquired by another company, that company will own the personal information collected by us and assume the rights and obligations regarding your personal information as described in this privacy statement.

We may share your personal information with these authorities if there are situations where we need to be clear in order to comply with applicable laws or to respond to subpoenas or warranties submitted to us. We may also share your personal information to protect and defend the unique rights or property of our customers or our own website.

Your Preferences Regarding Your Personal Information

If you decide to stop receiving e-mail communications or newsletters from us, you can request an ‘opt-out’ by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in the e-mail or by replying with an ‘unsubscribe’ message if there are no unsubscribe buttons. Anytime, any contact list