Paris Işıltısı

Paris Sparkle

Paris Glow application is perhaps one of the most popular applications among today’s anti-aging applications. The application, which is an anti-aging method, contains 59 different components in addition to hyaluronic acid.

Paris glow is basically a cell renewal treatment. The ingredients used in this treatment, which can moisturise the skin and give it a bright and youthful appearance, contain a high content of amino acids that can help rejuvenate the skin.

What is Paris Sparkle?

Paris Glow application is a treatment that basically aims to give vitality and brightness to the skin and is applied in sessions. The number of sessions is determined according to the needs of the patient.

Since the frequency of care required by each age group is different, there is no standard number of sessions. Although the Paris Glow application can be a very safe and comfortable procedure, the application has no known side effects. The treatment, which can be easily applied in a clinical environment, does not involve any healing process. Therefore, this method, which you can easily do even during your lunch break and continue your daily life, can add vitality and brightness to your skin, as well as protect your skin from deformations caused by aging.

How Many Sessions Is Paris Sparkle Done?

It has been observed that the Paris glow application, which can be an effective anti-aging application, can increase the vitality and radiance of the skin and reduce wrinkles, which are signs of aging, with 3 sessions applied 15 days apart and 2 sessions applied 30 days apart.

Paris radiance treatment can be applied to all areas with signs of aging such as the eye area, face, neck, hands and arms. By increasing collagen and elastin production, it provides the skin with the vitamin and mineral support it needs and helps you to have a more moisturised, vibrant and radiant skin.

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What Season is Paris Sparkle?

Paris glow application, which can be easily applied to all skin types, can be easily applied for 4 seasons.

With the Paris Glow application, which is one of the ideal applications for those who want to manage the aging process as much as possible and age beautifully, you can provide the care your skin needs; you can contribute to the beautiful aging of your skin.

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