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Smart Filling

Smart filling is a new generation filling procedure that helps sagging, losing elasticity and sagging skin to look younger and tauter due to aging, weight gain and loss or environmental effects.

Thanks to the ever-evolving medical medical technologies and subsequent non-surgical aesthetic applications, many new methods and techniques are now added to filling applications.  One of these applications is smart filling application, which is a kind of filling procedure.

What is Smart Filling?

Filling applications are perhaps one of the first applications that come to mind when it comes to non-surgical aesthetics and are widely performed both in the world and in our country. Filling procedures, which are generally used to fill the gap created by the subcutaneous layers that melt due to aging in the face area where volume loss is experienced, are practical and comfortable applications that can be performed in a clinical environment without any recovery period and sessions can be completed in a very short time.

One of the first applications that comes to mind when it comes to non-surgical aesthetics is filling applications. Hyaluronic (Hyaluronic) based filler applications are widely performed today, but they are applications that can last for an average of 12 months and aim to gain volume only where it is injected.

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How is Smart Filling Done?

Just like classical, hyaluronic acid-based fillers, this filler procedure, which can be easily performed in a clinical environment and can be applied almost painlessly and painlessly thanks to the anaesthetic creams applied before application, can be much more permanent, although the way of application of this filler is like the fillers we are familiar with. Ellanse filler can be applied to every area of the face except under the eyes and lips. It aims elasticity and at the same time skin quality in the neck, back of the hand and décolleté area.

This special filler application, which is applied with special-tipped needles, can provide a permanence of up to 4 years depending on the type of filler to be used. In addition, smart filler applications can not only give volume to the area where it is applied; it also helps the skin to renew itself by supporting collagen production in the treatment area, thus helping to achieve a younger appearance.

In smart filling applications, the final results can be obtained by completing the triggered collagen production. Although the triggering of collagen production starts to take place from the moment of application, it may take an average of 3 months for the area to gain volume and the effects of the procedure to fully emerge.