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Thread Face Lift

Thread Face Lift application is one of the preferred non-surgical face lift applications that helps to eliminate the deformation, wrinkles and sagging effects of the skin.

In the thread facelift procedure, which is mostly used to improve the appearance of the cheeks and chin and is called by different names, it is aimed to provide a stretch in our skin with threads consisting of materials that can be placed under the skin in different directions and can be dissolved by the body and have no side effects. The placement of the threads is carried out by means of thin cannulas.

The threads used during the stretching process have a flat, awned and conical structure and it is aimed to suspend our face under the skin by means of these threads. Before the application, local anaesthetic creams are used to prevent pain that may occur during the application. The reason why Thread Face Lift is preferred is the low level of pain and the possibility of reapplication, as well as activating collagen production with a single application.

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The effect of thread facelift can start with the application. This effect is that the applied threads support the tissues and activate the collagen and connective tissue tools in the applied areas and start the renewal process. The results of the application can begin to be observed after a period of about one month and the results observed in the following months can be better day by day.  The permanence of thread facelift is expected to be 20 months or more. The melting of the applied threads can be completed in about 10 months.