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Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling (peeling) is an application that aims to bring the healthy skin under the skin to the surface by applying one or more chemical acids or solutions to the skin and creating a controlled damage on the surface of the skin. With this application, it is aimed to provide effects such as revitalising and rejuvenating the skin, reducing wrinkles, removing unwanted spots on the skin such as acne and acne spots on the skin surface, improving the general appearance of the skin and providing a better, smoother and more moist skin to the person applied.

The controlled damage performed on the skin surface with the chemical peeling process aims to peel the skin in layers. The depth of the damage to be created here is determined by the Specialist Doctor according to the depth of the problems our skin contains.

It is possible to list the treatments performed with chemical peeling application as follows; Signs of aging caused by the sun and hereditary causes, wrinkles under the eyes and around the mouth, acne and acne scars, spots caused by the sun and aging, freckles, spots formed during pregnancy and spots caused by birth control pills.

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After the application, the chemicals that perform chemical peeling are neutralised with an active substance suitable for the solution used and controlled damage is terminated. The effect created in this process can cause the skin to react against burning by thinking that it is burned. Chemical peeling is carried out in three different stages: superficial, medium-depth and deep chemical peeling. At the end of the peeling process, the process is terminated by applying a cream and sunscreen that helps to heal and soothe the skin.