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Youth Vaccine

H – 100 serum, also known as youth vaccine, is a skin rejuvenation product that aims to make the skin look more vibrant, bright and young. H-100 vaccine is a type of aesthetic treatment that helps to remove sagging, lines and wrinkles that may occur on the skin depending on time or genetic characteristics of the person.

Youth vaccine contains hyaluronic acid, the most important component that can give elasticity and vitality to the skin. High levels of hyaluronic acid in H – 100 serum can also trigger the production of other components such as vitamins, amino acids and mannitol needed by the skin and increase their effectiveness.

What is Youth Vaccine?

Our skin is prone to deformations and is one of our most sensitive organs. However, with small interventions, it may be possible to protect our skin against deformations and ensure a beautiful age in the long term.

Filling, etc. non-surgical aesthetic procedures can affect the superficial deformations of the skin. However, they may not have a direct effect on skin quality. However, keeping the skin quality always high is one of the effective and indispensable rules for aging well. H-100 Serum, which we can call youth serum, youth vaccine or many different names, is a procedure that gives the skin the care it needs, especially the moisture ratio, and thus aims to keep your skin quality high. Depending on age, the repair process of the skin may slow down in itself. This can be effective in that collagen production begins to decrease and the skin needs more minerals and vitamins. Thanks to the components contained in the H-100 serum, it can give your skin the care your skin needs in sessions.

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What are the Benefits of Youth Vaccine for Skin?

H-100 serum contains Hyaluronic acid, Mannitol, which can be an effective anti-oxidant and is also known for its oedema remover feature, vitamins B1 and B6, which make the aging process of the skin by repairing it, Pentapeptide-18, which can be effective in smoothing wrinkles on the skin, Organic Silica, which can regulate skin tone, and Hexapeptide-8, which can play an active role in the correction of mimic lines.

Youth Vaccine Session Times

H-100 serum applied in sessions is a very reliable and comfortable procedure. In H-100 serum application, where the number of sessions is determined according to the severity of the deformation encountered by the patient in line with the needs of the patient, the time between sessions also varies from patient to patient.

H-100 serum that can be used effectively in the rejuvenation process, especially in the face area, neck, décolleté area and hand area;

  • 1-3 sessions (2-3 week intervals) in young skin,
  • 2-3 sessions (2-3 week intervals) in middle-aged skin
  • 3-5 sessions (1-2 week intervals) can be performed on damaged skin.