Laser Hair Removal

Laser epilation is an application that promises to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. For this reason, it has been in great demand in recent years. There has been a lot of technological development on laser processes, technologies in this field and process comfort.

Laser epilation works with the principle of converting the rays transmitted under the skin with special devices into heat. In this way, the hair roots are damaged and the existing hairs are shed. As a result of the damage to the hair follicles, hair growth in the area is prevented. The technology, which has been tried for many years and continues to develop, can be applied safely for many people today.

Lazer Epilasyon

Types of Laser Hair Removal

There are various devices developed in this field for those who want to find a definitive solution to their unwanted hair with laser application. These devices may differ from each other in terms of technical hardware and user experience. There are three types of commonly used wavelength devices. These laser types reveal different effects on each hair color, structure and skin color. Therefore, “which laser removes hairs?” The answers to the question are personal. With Alexandrite, Diode and Nd Yag laser technologies, it is possible to process different skin colors and hair structures.

Alexandrite Laser

It is a laser with a wavelength of 755 nanometers. Shooting time is quite fast. Therefore, it is advantageous in terms of processing times. It provides successful results especially for people with light skin and dark hair.

Diode Laser

It is a laser operating at a wavelength of 810 nanometers. It is frequently preferred especially for large regions. It produces successful results on both light and dark skin colors. It is also effective on light colored and weak hairs.

Nd Yag Laser

It operates at a wavelength of 1064 nanometers. It produces better results on dark skin compared to light skin. It is often used not only as a solution for unwanted hair, but also for medical purposes.

Laser Hair Removal Areas

Hair removal laser procedures are widely applied. This is because, unlike other epilation procedures, it is done to permanently remove hair. Therefore, it saves time and money in the long run. However, the comfort after the procedure also directs people to this application.

How and in which areas is laser hair removal done? The procedure can be applied to anyone who has no objection to laser application and to almost any area with hair. Genital and armpit laser are the most common procedures. However, many areas such as legs, arms, back, shoulders, mustache areas are considered suitable for laser epilation, and successful results can be obtained in these areas.

Laser applications determined in line with the needs of the person are made with devices suitable for the person’s hair structure and skin color. There are different hair structures in every part of the body. For example, genital area laser procedures are performed with specialized devices for thick and dark hair. For upper lip hair, devices that give good results against fine hair should be used. Therefore, a person may need to use different devices for different regions.

Lazer Epilasyon
Lazer Epilasyon

Laser For Face

Along with the proportion and smoothness of the face, the size and condition of the organs on the face, the hair is also one of the determinants of facial beauty. In women, hairs between the mustache, chin, cheeks and eyebrows can cause discomfort in terms of appearance. In men, the hair on the beard and in the middle of the eyebrows bothers many people. Facial laser procedures can be used to destroy the hairs that grow here.

Male facial laser is often performed for hair on the upper part of the beard and in the middle of the eyebrows. Depending on the structure of these hairs and skin color, it is determined which laser treatment will be applied to the existing hairs. Neck hair below the beard line is also considered suitable for laser treatment. In women, except for eyebrows and eyelashes on the face, hair is generally not desired. The upper lip laser is the most frequently requested procedure for the facial area by women. In addition, the chin, cheeks and the middle of the eyebrows and the face area are the other areas where laser operations are most frequently performed.

Lazer Epilasyon

Whole Body Laser

Thanks to laser epilation, unwanted hairs in all parts of the body can be removed. This procedure produces safe results for both men and women. When the treatment sessions are completed, the person gets rid of most of their hair. In addition to the convenience it provides in terms of aesthetics, laser epilation can prevent the disease from recurring after the treatment of ingrown hairs. There are also people who do this for this purpose.

İhtiyaç olduğunu düşünen herkes, bu bölgelerde lazer yaptırabilir. Genital bölge için daha çok kadınlardan, sırt ve omuz içinse daha çok erkeklerden talep gelmektedir. Lazer epilasyon fiyatları işlemin yapıldığı bölge sayısına, kıl yapısına ve diğer pek çok parametreye göre belirlenmektedir. Sıkça tercih edilen bir işlem olması işlem fiyatlarının ucuzlamasını sağlamıştır.

Is Laser a Permanent Solution?

The question of how permanent laser hair removal is, is one of those who want to apply for the procedure. Laser devices destroy the hair follicles in the area where they are applied. Therefore, the hairs coming out of the relevant hair root tend to be less strong. These hair follicles may disappear completely when the procedure is applied at regular intervals in sessions. This means that the hairs do not grow for life. In this respect, it can be said that laser is a permanent solution.

Laser treatment provides 80% to 90% reduction and thinning of hairs. In some parts of the genital area, the results of the procedure may be slightly less in the hairs that are not prominent.

  • The regularity of the sessions is important for the effect of the application to weaken or destroy all hairs.
  • It is necessary for the person to avoid procedures that may strengthen the hair follicle after laser.
  • Operations performed with an accurate device, whose effect on the hair type is known, will yield higher effective results.
  • In order to provide permanent hair removal, laser treatment should be applied to the hair follicles in the growth phase.
Lazer Epilasyon
Lazer Epilasyon

How Many Years Is The Hair Removal Laser Effective?

Laser treatment is generally well tolerated and has helped many people get rid of unwanted hair for life. After the application, most of the hairs disappear. However, the effectiveness of these processes depends on many factors. The application may not work equally well for everyone.

Questions like “How long is the laser lifespan” or “Will it come back after laser treatment?” are among the most frequently asked questions about the procedure. After the procedure, the hairs are significantly reduced or destroyed. This means that the person who has the procedure will do razor applications at long intervals, etc. It makes it possible to have a hair-free appearance for a long time.

The procedure is usually life-long. Hormonal problems, not performing the procedure with appropriate devices, etc. can reduce the duration of activity. It is also known that the reminder shots made once a year support the lifetime of the laser treatment.

Lazer Epilasyon

In How Many Sessions Does the Laser End?

Laser treatment is based on the principle of damaging hair follicles and preventing hair growth. Not all hair follicles have the same growth rate. Therefore, it is expected that different hair follicles will be affected in each application. The procedure is done in repeated sessions.

The number of laser sessions is planned in the range of 6 to 12. This number of sessions is not fixed for some reasons. First, the duration and number of laser sessions are directly affected by the hair and skin structure of the person. In addition, leg laser or back laser application, which is a large area, can be completed in more sessions.

There are some conditions that will ensure that the laser process is completed in the shortest time and in the least number of sessions. First of all, the process should be done by a person who is knowledgeable about the types and features of laser epilation and has expertise in this field. Waxing, tweezers etc. that can stimulate hair follicles. should not be used after this procedure. If these issues are taken into consideration, laser will provide permanent hair removal.

Lazer Epilasyon

Laser After 1 Session

Laser is a procedure that many people prefer because it provides permanent hair removal. Those who want to have this procedure wonder what kind of effect they will get after one session of laser. Since each of the hair follicles will have a different excess, 15% to 20% of the hair follicles disappear after one session. With the application of the process for the number of sessions planned at regular intervals, most of the hairs disappear permanently.

The answer to questions such as which laser hair removal is better depends on the person’s hair structure and skin color. It is important to consider these hair and skin structures while performing the procedure. Those who want laser hair removal advice in Ankara, those who are doing research for the best laser center in Ankara, may prefer businesses that use the appropriate devices for them.

DrDerm Polyclinic has devices suitable for every hair type and skin color. In our center, laser applications are performed safely with state-of-the-art devices, under the control of a specialist physician. You can contact us to have laser hair removal procedures, to get an appointment and information.