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Remove Me with Laser Ankara

Laser mole removal is the procedure applied to remove moles, also called nevus, and spots on our skin due to different reasons. The reasons for the formation of these spots can be listed as being present at birth, exposure to sun rays, diet, caused by the cosmetic products used, and aging.

Nevuses are spots that can differ according to their size, swelling, color and behavior. As it is wrong to say that all moles are dangerous, it is not possible to say that every nevus is harmless. Some moles are capable of turning into skin cancer in the future. In this sense, we need to state that it is important to be diagnosed by the Specialist Doctor and to carry out the appropriate treatment.

Lazerle Ben Aldırma

How is Laser Implant Made?

There are different methods for removing moles. Surgical removal of the mole, freezing me (cryo), cauterizing me (burning), shaving and laser removal of the mole can be counted among these methods.

Lasers used in mole removal may have different technologies. In today’s developing technology, laser mole removal is a more preferred method due to the fact that it heals faster than other methods, is less painful and is performed in a short time.

Laser mole removal is a procedure that can be applied for one or more sessions depending on the color and depth of the mole. It is aimed to feel less pain during the application by applying a light local anesthesia before the application. Shots are carried out with the laser energy level determined according to the characteristics of the mole and it is aimed to destroy the mole (nevus). When the application is completed, it is aimed to protect the application area against external factors and to allow the skin to heal itself without any problems. In this way, the skin can regain its old healthy appearance.

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These procedures applied to moles affect the success of the results according to the depth and color of the moles. With the application, it is aimed to disperse these cell groups that synthesize melanin, which is responsible for giving color to the skin, called melanocytes, which accumulate under the skin, and to create a low level of damage in the area. A large part of the melanocytes dispersed by the crusting that may occur after this damage can be expelled from the skin.

Abortion is considered a risky procedure, according to popular belief. This is a misconception and has no scientific basis. Diagnosis and treatment of existing moles by the Specialist Doctor can mean getting rid of the risks that you have and that you may encounter in the future.

Lazerle Ben Alma

What are the Benefits of Laser Bend Removal?

There are many advantages and benefits of laser mole treatment. Some of these are:

It is not an invasive procedure. The risk of infection can be very low, as no cutting is performed on the skin.
Laser therapy can also provide easy access to hard-to-reach areas of the body.
More than one mole removal can be done in one session.
Very positive results can be obtained even in moles on sensitive areas such as the face and neck.
Since local anesthesia is applied before the laser mole removal procedure, pain or pain may not be felt.

Laser Bend Removal Prices 2023

The prices of laser mole removal application are calculated based on certain criteria. These;

Benin shape
Regular or irregular borders
Whether it contains different colors
Size and greater than 6 mm

Such factors. After a detailed examination, the price of laser mole treatment can be determined in line with all these criteria.

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